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Welcome to the Suzuki Z400 Parts store by Mods3.  We specialize in
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The 400ex revolutionized the sport quad industry when the released their air cooled xr400 motor into a quad chassis similar to that of the legendary 250r.  About 3 years later, Suzuki announced their LTZ400 featuring a liquid cooled dual overhead cam power plant that surpassed Honda in the power department.  If you read below you'll see that this bike was used an MX machine but after the arrival of Suzuki's LTR 450 they are now a more popular choice for the trails.

The Z400 Quad is one of the best quads ever built.  In stock form its very powerful, easy to wheelie, and drives great.  The handling on the trails is second to none and its very quiet.  Get some MX parts for your Z400 and this thing will tear up your local motocross track.  Your not going to win many drag races against the new 450s unless you bump your Z up with a 440 kit.  As far as jumping this thing flies very predictably and has a very comforting feel about it.  It's a bigger bike then the new 450s but only a tad bit heavier.  We love the Z400 as well as 9 out of 10 MX riders did according to Dirt Wheels Magazine.


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